WMNS Embossed Distressed Large Designer Hobo Bag


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You cannot go wrong when accessorizing with a hobo bag. This is an excellent version of this type of bag to have in your collection. This hobo bag has been made of a dark reddish brown colored material. A distressed has been added to this coloring. This is a leather style material which has a soft feel given to it. An embossed distressing has also been added to this material. All of the distressing details help to give this bag a look which is vintage and beautiful. The bag has a wide and deep construction. This gives you the ability to store many things inside it. Made with grain leather, you are sure to enjoy adding this bag to your different looks for years to come. The single color construction throughout the bag means that you are going to have an easier time matching it with your different outfits.


Black, Brown, Coffee, Red


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