WMNS Draw Top Chain and Leather Shoulder Strap Bag


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When you want to have style and simplicity in one bag, you are going to love having a shoulder bag like this one. The grain leather the bag is made from is soft and luxurious enough to make it perfect for all occasions. Metal reinforced eyelets are in four different places in the top of both sides of the bag. A narrow metal chain passes through the eyelets so that when the bag is picked up, it will close and keep your valuables secure. The metal chain is attached to an adjustable double layer leather strap for additional comfort when worn on your shoulder. The base of the bag has several pleats where the leather meets to offer you the look of a bag that is casual and stylish at the same time. The single color of the bag and the leather in the strap make it easier to match with your outfits to complete them.


Black, Purple, White, Yellow


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