WMNS Canvas Front Clasp Shoulder Bag – Double Rolled Chain Strap


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You are going to love the modern look that you create whenever you add a bag like this to your look. The canvas construction of the bag makes it versatile by going between stylish and casual in nature. The clasp closure on the front of the bag is stylish thanks to the metal loop that is attached to the flap itself. This is held in place thanks to the two metal posts that are perfect for the metal loop to clip within. The shoulder strap that is attached to the bag is a double rolled chain to give the appearance of a rope from a distance. The modern look is one that is going to be perfect along with more stylish outfits. Smaller size of the bag also helps you to maintain a look that is perfect when you are going for a more minimalist look.


Black, Black / Square, White / Circle, White / Square


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