WMNS Adjustable Strap Length Offset Dual Color Tote Bag


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You will have more options when you have a tote bag like this available to you. The dual tone tote bag includes a long leather strap that attaches to the outside of the bag and wraps around the base of the bag. This reinforced strap will maintain its position, wherever you want to carry it. The straps are adjustable thanks to buckles on the front and back of the back. This means it can go from a shoulder bag to a carry tote with just a small adjustment in the length of the straps. The straps and the edged are a different color from the rest of the bag. The center of the bag in the front and the back dip down with sharp edges that maintain a more modern look that is worth showing off. This bag is perfectly diverse, so you will be able to wear it with even more of your outfits.


Black, Green, White


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