Vintage Metal Accented Clasp Bag


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Some of the looks of the 1930’s have been used to inspire several fashionable items this year. You will simple fall in love with the stylish and romantic look of this bag. It is made of a leather which has been given a distressed look and texture. This gives the bag more of a classic and vintage look. This is a traditional clasp top closure gas. The closure clasp is made from a brass metal which has a gold look. A vintage style metal accent has been added under the middle of the clasp closure. This metal accent has a 1930’s style design. A small rounded corner triangular flap has been sewn on under the metal accent. A vertical double middle seam, in a thread of a contrasting color has been added to the middle of the panel. The choice choices for this lovely bag are gray, blue and pink.


Blue, Gray, Green


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